Straight Razor #1

Japanese Style Straight Razor

Compact Japanese Style Straight Razor

Steve  This razor may not be the best choice if you intend to level a full heavy beard on a regular basis. The engraving is mine but the design is one of Steve Lindsay's pieces of work. It is one of those he allows people to use. The razor would be best suited for shaving and trimming around mustac hes and goatees.  The blade's useful cutting edge is right at 2  1/8 inches and would be considered an 8/8's to 6/8's tapered blade 

Razor Sharp

Running Wheat Pattern Engraving

The engraving pattern is called running wheat


Straight Razor #2

San Mai Steel Straight Razor

San Mai Steel Straight Razor

The steel for this razor was made by Jim Tull who is a fantastic artisan. The steels used are all carbon to make the San Mai style Damascus.

The scales are an acrylic and are not affected by water. The cutting edge is 2  1/2 inches. It would be considered a strong 6'8's wide blade even though is s very close to 7/8's. Closed length overall is 6  1/4 inches.

Great Shaver

Stogie Style Straight Razor

My Stogie Style Razor

Care must be taken while stropping and honing to prevent undue stress on the pivot pin.


Straight Razor #3

Monster Chopper

A Monster Chopper

The San Mai Damascus steel for this razor was crafted by Jim Tull of Madera, California. It is huge and heavy. Overall closed length sits right at 7 inches.The cutting edge takes up 2  7/8's of an inch, Ready for this? It's hovering right at a 9/8's wide blade and is a strong 1/4 inch thick.  

San Mai Steel Straight Razor

Huge Chopper

Stabilized and Dyed Maple Scales

Made with the experienced shaver in mind. Not for the timid.