Shaving Brush #1

Royal Blue Matrix Shaving Brush


Beautiful mimic of Lapis stone laced with faux gold matrix made from some type of acrylic as a base. A heavy brush at 3.2 ounces.

The finest silvertip badger hair measures 24.5mm diameter at the base and has a 54mm loft. Overall the brush is right at 4 inches tall. The base has an engraved Celtic cross, made by hand, on a stainless steel medallion.

Purchasing Information

Silvertip Badger Hair

This manufactured acrylic material with faux gold veining is very dense and has an extremely high polish. It has a very nice textile feel to it


Shaving Brush #2

Copper and Creme Acrylic Shaving Brush

 Another example of today’s acrylic family of materials. This one is light and colorful with tons of chatoyance and sparkle. The base is engraved with kissing Celtic fish. The finest fan silvertip brush has a 53 mm loft and a 24 mm base. It tips the scales at 2.4 ounces. My camera couldn’t come close to capturing the depth and color variation of the handle. Fit for a king, it is. This is definitely one of those, “… it looks much better in person” examples of Internet visual shortcomings.   

Purchasing Information

Genuine Silvertip Badger Hair

This acrylic material is lightly weighted. I've never heard of Shaving Brush balance, but, dang, this one may have it


Shaving Brush #3

White and Gold Matrix Shaving Brush


A very impressive mimic of quartz with gold matrix out of some type of acrylic as a handle. I think it could fool most people into thinking it’s the real deal, especially since it has a weight of 3.2 ounces to bolster the thought.

The finest silvertip badger hair has a 24mm knot and a 57mm loft that tips the brush at a shade over 4 inches tall.

The medallion at the base is stainless steel and sports a hand-engraved Celtic representation of intertwined birds. The pic is not very good. I can provide a better look for those that need to see it closer.

Purchasing Information

Genuine Silvertip Badger Hair

This brush feels very good in the hand and is very dense with considerable weight to it. The gold veining looks as real as it can get


Shaving Brush #4

Stainless Steel Short Shaving Brush


What a dandy little hand grenade, as I refer to it. This was more of a restoration rather than a new brush. I replaced the original knot with finest silvertip badger hair. The loft is 47mm and the base is 25mm. It is very heavy, hence… hand grenade. It tips the scales at 4.4 ounces with a total height of 3 1/8th inches. Don’t call it your “stubby” so as not to open yourself up to embarrassing repartee from your fellow shaving buddies. It is easily one of my favorite offerings here on these pages.

I was going to engrave it, but it’s too hard. I have no idea what it is made of, but it will definitely not break if you drop it. The tile floor or countertop it lands on may be a different story altogether. It was also originally larger and came in two parts. It looked more like the brush SB 5 with the collar on the upper portion of the handle. I just thought it looked so much better in a short configuration.

Purchasing Information

Genuine Finest Silvertip Badger Hair

If you drip this brush, you will crack your floor tile or dent the linoleum 


Shaving Brush #5

Badger Haired Shaving Brush

Brush is right at 4 inches in height. Loft of badger hair in brush is right at 1  7/8's inches,Base of knot is right at 1 inch. 

Finest Grade Badger Hair

Engraved Medallion

The medallion is aluminum and measures 7/8's inch in diameter.


Shaving Brush #6

Pine Cone Embedded Shave Brush

Pine cone is at the core of this brush made from a product called Alumilite. It is durable and waterproof. Overall length is 4  1/4 inches. Loft of the silvertip badger hair knot is 2  1/8 inches

Nice weight to brush

Custom Engraved Base

Medallion is 1  1/8th inches in diameter. Engraving is original by me.


Shaving brush #7

Slim Brush with Fan Badger Knot

The overall length is 4  3/4 inches. The premium silvertip badger hair knot loft is 2  1/4 inches and is 1 inch wide at the base. The stabilized wood will do a good job at repelling water.This brush is one of my favorite offerings. The burl wood is very unique.

Great Brush

1 Inch Diameter Medallion

Original engraving of kissing fish