General Instruction for Purchases

Use this Email address for purchasing

Let me know which item/s you want by category, then by number

For Example; You want pen #4 and Brush #5


Pens are shipped for free within the United States. I will return any excess money charged for shipping and insurance for any other items AFTER they are sent to you. I send all items either self-insured or through the mailing service I use for mailing your item. In either event, your full purchase price will be covered. 

Initially, postage is for one pound, Priority mail. It you want a different service, let me know. You will only be charged what I pay for the service. A ballpark estimate is $15 to $20 


I do not and will not refund money for buyer's remorse. If there is an issue with a defect caused by me, I will repair it. Broken scales at the pivot pin on a straight razor are almost always caused by the user, so please don't pretend that I sent it to you with cracked or broken scales.

If you got a bit heavy-handed on the stones or your strop and broke a set of scales, I will make another set for you at a very reasonable price.


Please keep in mind that I am a one-man dog and pony show. I try to be diligent with customer service, however, I do not have the luxury of support staff to do any of the work for me.