knife #1

Buck Engraved Pocket Knife

Prehistoric Monster Eel Pocket Knife

 This little production Buck knife has been engraved by me on both sides with the cuddly monster eel that you see in the photo. The opposite side is a mirror image of the first side

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A Good Conversation Piece

A great small pocket knife that is good for cutting string, opening boxes or skinning a bear. Well, maybe not for skinning bear


knife #2

Ellis Original Dagger

Collectible Ornamental Dagger

Most states will not allow you to carry this knife legally because it is sharpened on both sides of the blade. Be sure to check your local ordinances to see if it is even legal to own a dagger where you are from.


One of only 5 daggers ever produced in any style by me and only one other in this design.This one is 10 9/16 long overall with a 5 7/8 inch ATS-34 SS blade. The 416 SS guard was engraved by the talented hands of Jim Whitehead. The stick-tang handle is desert ironwood and the butt cap is also 416 SS. There is no sheath with this knife, but it does have a zippered case to protect it.

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Ornamental Dagger

Limited Edition knife meant for collecting, not actual use.


knife #3

Large Flat Grind Bowie

An Original-Design Ellis Bowie Knife

 This original Ellis stick-tang designed flat-grind bowie is a massive 16 13/16 inches long with a blade length of 10 ¾ inches and made from ATS~34 stainless steel. The blade has a distal taper as well. The spacer behind the guard is made from a natural chunk of amber and the mosaic pin is of my design that I call the “wagon wheel”.  The guard is 416 stainless steel. It is surprisingly light-weight for the size. It is also very well balanced. It comes with a custom Spanish style sheath. The handle is Hawaiian KOA. 

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Amber Spacer on this Bowie

Large Flat Grind Bowie Knife

There is a butt-cap, also made from 416 stainless steel


knife #4

Stylish Hunter with Engraving by Ellis

Hunter Style Knife


This knife has an overall length of 9 ¼ inches and a cutting edge measuring 4 1/8 inches and is 1 3/8 inches wide. The steel is 440C stainless steel an incorporates 416 stainless steel bolsters. The engraving is mine and of my own design to compliment the profile of the bolsters.

The handle is natural buffalo horn. There are two small natural inclusions in the horn up near the pin of the handle, but neither spot will be a cause of concern down the line. Neither spot has separation from the rest of the handle.

The hand-stitched custom-made sheath is my work and my design. The inlay is actually faux reptile skin and extends around to the back side. A metal clip is used to attach the sheath to a belt, pouch, or pocket.

There is engraving on the entire spine and tang of the knife that has a ribbon winding around a straight rod.

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Original Design by Bill Ellis

Photo of the spine showing the engraving upon request


knife #5

Unique Style Utility Knife

Hunter Style Fixed Blade Knife


This full tang utility knife has an overall length right at 9 ½ inches with a cutting edge of 4 ½ inches. The blade is 1 ¼ inches wide and made using EL Max stainless steel and has a rockwell hardness right at 60.

The 416 stainless steel bolsters are engraved by me using my own design. I also engraved the spine of the knife with a spiral ribbon wrapped around a small rod running through the middle. I can provide pics to interested parties.  

The handle is yellow-dyed and stabilized maple burl. The matching custom hand-stitched sheath is my work and my design. The shiny yellow inlay is faux snake skin.  

Purchasing Instructions

An Original Ellis design

Pics of the spine showing the engraving can be supplied upon request.


Knife #6

An original mini by Ellis

A Mini Collectible


This is my latest… sort of. I have had the finished ATS blade sitting in my shop for over 6 years merely waiting for bolsters and scales. Every time I would look at it, I’d tell myself that I needed to complete it someday. Fast forward in time - to the point a short while back where I talked my wife into getting her dream car instead of waiting any longer for it. In sharing the conversation we had about it with one of her friends, she was told the following: “If you constantly tell yourself that you are going to do something someday - someday never comes.” It was the final impetus for her to actually get that car. And then the next time I saw the little blade in one of my workshop “supply” drawers, I decided that “someday” was here for getting it done. It was very satisfying to finish it.

I chose to put a piece of fossilized dinosaur tooth on it for scales as the material was also something I told myself I had to get around to using “someday”… and someday, as it were, arrived with a little pizzazz. I also chose to engrave one of my favorite little Celtic designs on the dovetail bolsters. The spine over the blade has file work in a rope pattern. The tang is tapered. There is a small spot of file work on the ventral side of the tapered tang.

There is no sheath. No stand, either. I’m thinkin’ I’ll get around to it someday…

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Celtic Horse Engraving by Ellis

Engraving of the Celtic Horse is a Favorite

Everyone needs one of these. The dinosaur tooth handle is definitely an eye catcher. It also boasts a surprisingly sharp blade.


Knife #7

Fighter Style Knife

Fighter Style Knife


A fighter style knife utilizing ATS-34 stainless steel with a rockwell hardness between 59-60. The overall length is 10 ½ inches and a cutting edge of 4 ¾ inches. The 2 ¾ inch false edge is not sharpened.

The handles are stabilized redwood burl. The bolsters are 416 stainless steel and have been engraved by me with my own design.

The hand-stitched custom leather sheath is made by me and is my own design to fit the contours of the knife profile.

The dorsal spine and tang has been engraved by me in a “running wheat” pattern.

Purchasing Information

Custom Sheath Included

A running wheat pattern of engraving is on the spine of the blade. Bolsters are pinned to the blade using 1/16" stainless steel rod.


Knife #8

Fox 4-4 Fighter


This fighting style knife has an overall length of 10 516 inches with a blade 1  1/8th inch wide and 5  7/8 inches in length. The bolsters were engraved by me in one of my own original designs. The handle  is stabilized and dyed camel bone. Looks just like fossilized mammoth tusk, The customized leather sheath is also made and designed by me. The upper part of the blade is actually a false edge and will not cut anything except soft butter. The cutting edge, however, is pretty dang sharp. Pins in the handle are 416 stainless steel.

Purchasing Instructions

The engraving on the spine is customarily called running wheat and was done here in my small shop.

Original Ellis Engraving

The model name of this knife is called Fox 4-4. It references the Platoon and Team I was part of in 1968 in Vietnam

This is one of my favorite designs