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New Website

Work in Progress

My old website basically broke and the software I used to make it no longer will support some of the functions that were, I felt, necessary for navigation, info and purchasing. 

That means that some things on this new site still need tweaking. Please be patient with this cranky old man.

Coming Up

I will be adding items and more sections as my limited time allows. I had to get the basics published for the migration of the new/old sites on Go Daddy before they charge me a bunch more money.

I'm just really fortunate that I don't have to put food on the table doing this stuff. Hang in there - It's coming

About Us

Hand Crafted With Pride

Custom knives and straight razors are the main menu. Completely custom shaving brushes and writing pens are also available.

One of a Kind Original Pieces

All products are exceptionally well made and are meant to last for generations

Bragging Rights

Be prepared to show off what you were able to purchase from Billy's Blades


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In the Sanger, California Area?

Contact me ahead of time if you want to see my shop. 

Billy's Blades

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