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   My restored razors come from a variety of sources. I have purchased them over the years from the sellers on eBay. I also find them at swap meets, garage sales, flea markets, and antique stores. Very seldom do I find an exceptional deal in an antique store. Those folks seem to think that even the rusty ones are part of some national treasure and have priced them to meet those expectations.

   I have also bought them in large lots. I remember purchasing 275 at one time from a fellow who contacted me from the east coast. I wound up tossing over 100 of them immediately, made a go of it with 150, and wound up with 25 honeys. I got a good value, but not as good as I thought it was going to be. I wasn't looking to make a killing in profit, but I sure was excited about going through that many razors at one sitting.

   Occasionally I will put a razor or two in my personal collection. Keep in mind that I have over 2,000 razors, including over 300 of the ones with figural scales. My personal collection only consists of around 35 razors. Everything else is for sale. I keep 5 straight razors, other than the ones in my collection, in my shaving rotation.

   Over the years I've managed to buy enough tools from selling razors to make the work of restoring the others go more smoothly. Having the proper tools is essential. You can certainly get by with simple tools and use the methods on my CD to do the work and get good results. You just won't be able to get rich doing it.

   All my restored razors come ready to shave out of the box. Some of the razors may need a touch-up on a strop to dial it in to meet your satisfaction, but, for the most part, they are good to go. You also must pay attention to my comments about each razor because they were not all created equal. Some will shave better than others regardless of who sharpened them.

Shipping:  Unless I stipulate the shipping price on an individual page, the following chart gives you the charges for getting the razor to your house. These prices reflect insurance coverage being included. These prices are for US shipments only. I can ship to other countries, but shipping charges can get downright scary. I can send them cheaper but the buyer would have to take responsibility for a safe delivery. I will stand by my packaging for possible damage, but not for a safe arrival unless the type of mailing covers tracking and insurance. The price for this service is $28.00 for any country outside the US borders. You will need to communicate with me before I ship anything off.

Restored Straight Razors

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