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Hi all...

  Please keep in mind that I am but a one-man dog and pony show. I do not have fancy software to help me with shopping carts, confirmations, multiple email notifications, and the like. I have to manipulate everything manually. That means... If you purchase something from me, I have to actually open the software that manages my web site, change the required pages involving the item, and go from there. I try my best to keep current with all transactions. Usually, I am able to get what you bought off in the mail within three days. In that time frame, you should receive one email from Stamps.com telling you that a package is on the way and provides you with a tracking number.

  I do not accommodate buyer’s remorse or willy-nilly excuses to return items. I will replace a CD, for instance, if it does not work. I will stand by my work... But not forever. Things can happen sometimes that would warrant a refund, but not very often. Don’t disrespect me or insult yourself by trying to pull a slick one. That rarely happens, but it needed to be said. I am not Walmart, so you cannot return something just because you feel like it. In other words, you buy it, it’s yours. If this is not acceptable to you or goes against your grain, then don’t buy it in the first place.


   Unless I stipulate the shipping price on an individual item page, the following chart gives you the charges for getting the item to your house. These prices reflect insurance coverage being included. These prices are for US shipments only. I can ship to other countries, but shipping charges can get downright scary. I can send them cheaper but the buyer would have to take responsibility for a safe delivery. I will stand by my packaging for possible damage, but not for a safe arrival unless the type of mailing covers tracking and insurance. The price for this insured service is $28.00 for any country outside the US borders. You will need to communicate with me before I ship anything off.

Ellis’ Eclectic Emporium

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