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Here are some other spots on the Internet tied to me in one way or another. Most are obvious links to those of you who already know me.
I spent 10 years in jail... Here is my blog covering part of the experience. I still intend to write a book on my confinement within its walls.  Sad stories abound as you might think. However, there are just as many funny things that happen within the concrete and steel walls. It’s these that I chose to concentrate telling with my own flair. Oh, yeah. I did the time as an officer… not an inmate.
Oh, surprise! I have a razor blog as well. This one covers a lot of how-to razor restoration. I am running behind on posting new information to this place as well. It seems as though there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get stuff done. There is actually some info on this blog that is not on my restoration CD.                                  
The Travel Razor: The short of it is that I made a custom razor and let the boys on the B&B shaving forum sign up to use it for the cost of mailing it off to the next person on the list.  In the end, it was a relatively successful experiment. There were many participants and over 30,000 hits and close to 600 responses on the thread. Pretty cool.
The Travel Razor
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