A very ergonomic full tang camp / utility knife from ATS-34 steel at 60RC hardness. The overall length is 8¼ inches with a 3½ inch cutting edge. The brass bolsters were engraved by me with my own custom design to fit the bolster profile. The knife is my own 1992 design as well.
The handles are cocobolo and there is a one inch long section of ventral tang that has vine file work on it. The dorsal surface of the tang has a 1 ¾ inch section of file work in a simple wavy pattern.
The hand-stitched leather sheath was custom-made by me with blue-dyed whip snake skin inlay. There is a metal belt clip rather than a loop of leather to affix the sheath to the belt, pouch, or pocket.
The rear pin of the handle is tubular to accept your own lace or cord if so desired.