This is my latest… sort of. I have had the finished ATS blade sitting in my shop for over 6 years merely waiting for bolsters and scales. Every time I would look at it, I’d tell myself that I needed to complete it someday. Fast forward in time - to the point a short while back where I talked my wife into getting her dream car instead of waiting any longer for it. In sharing the conversation we had about it with one of her friends, she was told the following: “If you constantly tell yourself that you are going to do something someday - someday never comes.” It was the final impetus for her to actually get that car. And then the next time I saw the little blade in one of my workshop “supply” drawers, I decided that “someday” was here for getting it done. It was very satisfying to finish it.
I chose to put a piece of fossilized dinosaur tooth on it for scales as the material was also something I told myself I had to get around to using “someday”… and someday, as it were, arrived with a little pizzazz. I also chose to engrave one of my favorite little Celtic designs on the dovetail bolsters. The spine over the blade has file work in a rope pattern. The tang is tapered. There is a small spot of file work on the ventral side of the tapered tang.
There is no sheath. No stand, either. I’m thinkin’ I’ll get around to it someday…