This pattern is relatively common. But razors like this in this remarkably good shape is not common. The color is original and vibrant. The other side, the pile side, is plain and without damage. Up near the gills of the fish on the inside of the scales are matching indentations that could very well have had something to do with the manufacturing process. I have seen it referenced in writing, but cannot recall where. I have also been told the same thing by fellow collectors. While I wouldn’t bet the farm on that information being 100% accurate, I do have to say that I have seen a great number of razors with the same markings in the same place, so there may very well be manufacturing reasons for the slight blemishes. If you know the story behind these types of marks, please send an email.
This razor would be considered a 5/8’s, even though it is a bit wider. These Jas Scott razors are excellent shavers. Two birds, one razor... A collectible and a great shave. It looks like it could have been made 90 days ago rather that the 90+ years it has really been around.