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Custom Straight Razors

  I have almost caught up with commitments for custom razors.  If you have interest in a high-end custom razor from my hands, contact me with your interests.

I will only make someone else’s design under the following circumstances:

If the razor is designed by me, I give the buyer one week to trade up or send it back to me because they don’t like the razor. There will be a 6% restock fee if this occurs. Workmanship is another story altogether. I stand by my work and will make all legitimate claims good for as long as I have an active web site. You would not be getting a new razor out of me, however, if a mysterious chip showed up in the blade overnight because the tooth fairy knocked it off your counter top.

I don’t offer a lot of options for a custom razor.  You - do - get to choose from the following:

San Mai Damascus Inlay Mail: urleebird@comcast.net?subject=Custom Straight Razor Request

Click on the barber’s pole to ask about a custom razor idea or request.