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  I will get to your inquiries as soon as possible. Please do not take affront if I do not get back to you right away as my schedule is always running a bit tight. Although I can answer questions about a possible purchase you have in mind, I cannot become your personal source for restoration information. I’m hoping you can understand that. As much as I’d like to always be the nice guy, personal tutorials are just a smidge beyond the scope of my ability to find the time to do.

   If you found something on my site that you want to buy and hate PayPal, send me an email stating your intention, and I will physically remove your choice from the pool with your commitment to buy it. The drawback of doing that, however, is that I may not get to it before someone else decides to push that PayPal Buy Now button. In that event, I’m sorry to say that you will draw the short straw.

  If you decide you want to purchase with a money order or personal check, I will return your email with a physical address that you can send the payment to.

  Whatever you do, do not send any razors to my address without checking with me first as I will likely confuse them with a purchase I figured that I made recently and it/they will get dumped in the pile of 2,000 other razors that I have. I get so many razors delivered to my house that I don’t bother checking to see where they come from anymore. An inquiry on your part as to the whereabouts of the razor you sent for repair/restoration will garner you a response expressing my gratitude for your most generous gift to a growing collection of straight razors.  

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