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  Ok, boys... there have been too many of you who have written to tell me that my disc won't work for you once it has arrived safely at your door.. Come to find out, many of you got to thinkin' that this is something you can watch on your TV. You can't because it is a CD, not a DVD. It is in a reading format that you can navigate just like the Internet. There are a lot of pics, days of reading, and over an hour of video that will play on your default media player in a .wmf format. If you have a Mac, let me know because I will have to burn a special copy for your machine that Mr. Joe Pate converted for me to be used by you folks.

  During the process of selling many "rescued" or restored razors back in the mid ninety's on Ebay, I was bombarded by written requests on how to do the work. I was spending more time answering questions through emails than I was selling anything. As much as I like being a nice guy, this was not how I wanted to spend all of my time. By using a Web format, I found I could get more detailed and provide an understanding for those who wanted a basic understanding for a razor restoration.  

  My thought was this: If you had a nice straight razor on display that was marred by surface rust or it has dull and scratched handles, of what value was it? If it doesn't look good, I say, fix it… If you are a
person who likes to tinker with things and wanted to fix your own straight razors, then you probably wound up with my original CD. It had a generous 74 megabytes of information on it. This new version has 287 megs, or three and a half times the information of the original, including over an hour of video.

  You will really be pleased with the new look and, especially the new information. This new CD covers all these previously uncovered subjects, in addition to the edited original information. Look for these subjects...
The Scary Sharp System
How To Buy On Ebay
Tips and Jigs
How To Remove Pins
How To Make the New Ones
Where To Find The Materials
How To Make Scales
How To Finish Them With CA Glue

And... Then There Are The Videos
The Buffer
Scary Sharp System
Putting Scales On A Blade
Removing Pins
How To Make Scales
  I will run you through the entire process, beginning to end, on how to restore that rusted treasure you found on eBay or at the flea market. Even the one that Grandpa left you. So, get ready to pull them out of that forgotten drawer in the garage and get ready to make them usable again.

   The goal will be to, as gently as possible, remove rust, scratches, stains, broken handles or blades, crud, and whatever else is necessary to "rescue" the razor from an eternity of shadows and darkness... or the town dump.
What I am working looking for is the day you hand one of these razors to a buddy and he can not tell it was restored unless you told him... or her. Our aspiration would be to look at one and say, "Wow, someone really took good care of this razor". You will not be able to work miracles, but with a little practice, you can make some really nasty-looking razors fit right in with just about any collection.

   Get your copy now! I hope that by providing this restoration instruction CD, I will help many of you to enjoy your straight razor collection for what you hoped your collection could be. Contact me by email if you want to pay for a copy by personal check or money order. If you prefer to use PayPal, just poke one of those Buy Now buttons above.

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***  Please take note  ***

There is one movie file that is corrupt on the CD. I cannot repair it. It is on the pages where I talk about fixing blades. This specific video is basically informational fluff while using a $4,500 grinder and doesn’t contribute all that much to understanding the restoration process. You can view it by exploring the CD and following the path: video/video files/ Fix A Blade. You can also search out the other movie files in the same manner.

Additionally, there are several external hyperlinks within the CD that no longer function. Many web sites update information, including my own, and some links to other sites just don’t work anymore. Again, this was “extra” info added to the CD and doesn’t have an integral part in learning anything about restoring razors. Finding the references that I made to the links can be found with a simple Internet search using your favorite engine.

If these issues are too much for you to bear as they stand, then please do not purchase the CD. Additionally, I was hoping I’d never have to say the following, but, due to a recent hooplehead’s shenanigans, I must: This CD is no different than any other software you may have purchased. Do not think you can have it delivered to you and think you can then return  it for a refund regardless of any claim for doing so. I will replace non-functioning CD’s for a fresh one but refunds on an easily copied CD aren’t going to happen.