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  My name is William Ellis ~ Bill or Billy ~ and I am a custom knife maker. I have been making them since 1991 and have used the name Billy's Blades from the very outset of this journey. I also make and collect straight razors and I have written a book on a CD format describing how to restore them. You will find the link to it right next to the Home menu button above. It is available for both Windows and Mac use with worldwide free shipping.

   If you can chew gum and walk at the same time, you might want to give razor restoration a try as it is a very satisfying hobby. You can even use the same methods found in the CD to be used for those pocket knives you have lying around that need a little sprucing up.

   Shoot me an email if you have suggestions that would be useful for either of us. I will never claim to know it all, but I know enough to help most folks out. While I try to be diligent chasing after email requests and inquiries, I may be a tad tardy in giving a response. Please do not report the transgression to the Nobel committee… Cross your fingers for me.

   Each of those main menu buttons above has starting information on them in addition to the subjects that will appear on a drop-down menu and slide-out tabs. Exploring my site costs nothing and I promise not to ask for any donations or talk politics.

Many thanks to The Woodman for his music